Isaiah Taylor 18 Points Full Highlights (3/22/2018)

You know, I bet Dennis Schroder could’ve played tonight. He looked fine on the bench, no injuries that I could discern, and I know scoring 41 points is hard, but it’s not THAT hard. He was smiling and everything in that hoodie of his.

I’m not really complaining, because I’m such a big fan of all the backup PG’s the Hawks have, but I thought the league was going to do something about the blatant tanking? If I don’t wake up tomorrow with a headline saying something like “Adam Silver bans Hawks from NBA, FOR LIFE” with the sub-headline reading “because they were tanking too damn hard”, I’m going to start my own news organization and write the article myself. Associated Press can lick my rod.

I was secretly hoping for a more notable performance from Josh Magette, but I’ll take a career-high from Isaiah Taylor. He did everything he could out there, but when you’re your team’s best scorer and the second best scorer is an entity named Damion Lee, you’re not going to get very many W’s. He even dunked it. That should’ve been 10 points right there.

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