Justin Jackson 20 Points Full Highlights (3/22/2018)

Has this been a successful season for Justin Jackson? He was picked 15th, which is starting to get into “this guy may not be any good at all” territory, so the fact that he’s definitely playable (even startable) is a good thing. But his overall statistical production is pretty low, and on a team like the Kings, if he could do more, he would be doing more. Was he supposed to be better than this on offense? An answer to that would go a long way to answering the first question, but I don’t feel like digging through old forum threads to find out.

Personally, if I’m a Kings fan, I’m reasonably pleased with Jackson this season. He could hit threes better, sure, and he could be more aggressive, whatever, but at least he doesn’t totally tank the team every time he steps on the court.

Tonight was his best scoring game ever, featuring four threes (seriously his shot looks so good he should be a way better three-bomber than he is), and some free-throws which are a true rarity for him. Not a whole lot of people got to see it live, because of reasons, but hopefully this video (and the 5 other similar videos 5 other channels will make) will let all the people who missed out see Jackson’s devastating scoring exhibition.

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