Anthony Tolliver 25 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (3/24/2018)

Anthony Tolliver is having the best season of his career, and does anyone care? Whenever I ask that question, the answer is uniformly “no”. No one cares. Not even Pistons fans care, because they are beyond caring about anything except Little Caesar’s Pizza at this point.

I care, but I don’t count.

I’ve always like The Toll-Booth. Mostly because he keeps getting contracts despite being noticeably subpar and nearly every aspect of offensive basketball. There is a mythical side of the game called “defense” which I have heard tell of, but I cannot even verify its existence, so I can’t see whether the concept factors into Tolliver’s continue mystifying presence in the league.

The one thing he can do is shoot threes. And even that comes and goes. Some years he’s bad, some years he’s good, but every year he comes in to play hard and look goofy while doing it. Maybe add a few unexpected monster blocks here and there.

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