Patty Mills 25 Points Full Highlights (3/23/2018)

It seems like it’s been so long since Patty Mills was an elite towel waver in Portland. His towels and his three-goggles (what happened to those, you never see them anymore), whatever he did on the court was overshadowed by his antics on the bench. And it has been a long time. Almost a decade now. This is affected by the time-dilation chamber that the Spurs seemingly reside in on a permanent basis. How else do you explain Manu Ginobili?

Mills himself is almost 30, which is freaking me out a little bit. 30 and due to get paid 12 million a year the next three seasons after this one. When did that contract happen? I missed it, and while it’s good for Mills, I can’t see it being very good for anyone else. He’s already regressing (at least, that’s what Spurs fans seem to think), and regression at his age doesn’t usually reverse course. The price to pay for continuity? Perhaps.

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