Tony Snell 18 Points/0 Rebounds/0 Assists/0 Steals/0 Blocks Full Highlights (3/23/2018)

The only contribution that Tony Snell made to the box-score last night, other than his scoring, was one personal foul. That’s it. He didn’t do anything else. In that sense, this video is about as close to “full highlights” as you’re ever going to see on YouTube. I thought I was providing “full highlights” with all of my other videos, but it turns out I was simply peddling lies, because in no video do I show every single box-score contribution that a player makes.

Snell has developed a reputation as an anti-statpadder; whereas some players fill up the box-score with all manner of fun stats, Snell does the opposite. He rarely gets rebounds or assists or steals or blocks, so the only ways he can make a big contribution are through defense (which DTB does not care about) or scoring. And since he doesn’t score that much either, he can provide comically sparse statlines despite playing twenty or even thirty minutes.

And you know what the best part about Tony Snell is? He’s not Michael Carter-Williams. I wonder if any Bulls fans still think they won that trade. Maybe they did because the Bucks are paying Snell whereas the Bulls are certainly not paying MCW right at this moment.

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