Pau Gasol 22 Points Full Highlights (3/25/2018)

DownToBuck doesn’t go to too many live NBA games. It’s not convenient for me because it usually conflicts with my highlight-making schedule. However, I did happen to attend this game live in the flesh at the Bradley Center, and here are some of my observations:

-Concession prices are way out of control. A chicken tenders combo was 15 bucks. A soda was, like, six bucks. I decided on a brat (also six bucks) and it made me thirsty, but I wasn’t about to pay those extortionate prices for a beverage, so I drank toilet water during the third quarter instead.
-Not right out of the bowl, though, I used my hands to cup it. I’m not a barbarian.
-When you sit way up at the top of the arena, it’s really tempting to just watch the jumbotron instead of the game because it’s easier to see, but I made myself watch the action on the floor because I didn’t come all the way to the arena just to watch TV.
-The cheerleaders are really pretty on TV but they’re even prettier in real life.
-The cashiers at the pro shop are always happy to listen to your trade proposals for Thon Maker.
-I spent the entire second half telling the people around me in the nosebleed seats that there’s not a single player on the Bucks roster who can handle Pau Gasol. Which is true.
-It is very tempting, but not advisable, to scrounge around in the seats after the game and eat all the leftover snacks that people leave behind.
-If they’re going to bend you over on concession prices, the least they could do is offer Dippin’ Dots. I did not see any Dippin’ Dots. The janitor I confronted about this issue was apathetic to my plight. I thought this was America.

So, there you have it. Gasol dominated us and we still won. One more parting thought: the new Bucks arena better have more user-friendly toilets.

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