Taurean Prince 28 Points Full Highlights (3/25/2018)

Taurean Prince is mimicking my expression when I saw that he somehow scored a large amount of points, again, even thought last year he didn’t show anything that indicated that such large amounts of points were in his future. Kind of a happy look, but also sort of like “oh MAN more Taurean Prince highlights to do”. Sometimes I get burned out on certain role-players, you know?

Worst part is I’ve got serious writer’s block when it comes to chapter 3 of my “Taurean Prince” novel. I don’t want the main character to just be walking around talking to people for the whole thing, but I can’t figure out what else to have him do! It’s like those video game RPG things where you want to have fun but the game keeps giving you endless dialogue to read. But writing that is a lot easier than several pages of descriptive imagery about an epic swordfight or something. Eventually I will stop with the excuses and write the damn thing, no matter how bad it turns out. But not tonight.

I still like Prince, don’t get me wrong. He’s impressing me game after game, I don’t care if the Hawks are horrible, in fact that makes it more impressive because he’s basically the only guy defenses have to worry about unless Schroder is playing.

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