Thaddeus Young 22 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (3/25/2018)

Thaddeus Young is one of those good players on a playoff team who you never, ever hear anything about, ever. No articles, no tweets, no social media antics, maybe something in some rinky-dink local media outfit but who cares, and definitely no Zach Lowe. I could be wrong about that last one, because I lost track of that dude after Grantland imploded, but those other ones are correct.

It’s been like this his entire career, basically. 10 years now (he’s not even 30 holy balls), 10 years of scoring in double-digits except his rookie campaign, some really nice years with Philly, and he’s going to be forgotten way before his final game. Lots of dudes are forgotten about as soon as they retire; Young is going to be thought dead while still continuing to play for three or four more seasons.

I don’t even know what the problem with him is. He seems fine to me. Can play both sides of the ball, do the little things, glue guy, and I bet he visits the children’s hospitals just like every other NBA player.

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