Dario Saric 20 Points Full Highlights (3/26/2018)

I could have tried to cash in on the hype surrounding Markelle Fultz by making a highlight video of his 10 point, 8 assist performance, but I have standards and integrity so I didn’t. It might not appear like I have standards, but I definitely do (especially when it comes to first-overall draft choices), and they’re being tested right now. Instead of the Fultz video, I’m making a highlight video for Dario Saric and his twenty points. That’s not quite as exciting or cool, but it makes the Croats happy.

I just happened to look at Saric’s stats and I noticed that he’s now shooting over 40% from three this season. For somebody who kind of has a messed-up looking shot (it’s too flat, for starters), a percentage starting with a four is impressive. It’s also a huge improvement over last season (31%). I’m not foolish enough to think that Saric could sustain this kind of improvement in his shooting into next season, but then again, shooting 49% from the three-point line isn’t impossible. Players have done it before. So, I will revise my earlier statement and say that yes, I am foolish enough to think that Saric will sustain his shooting improvement rate

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