Taj Gibson 18 Points Full Highlights (3/26/2018)

Taj sat in his empty apartment at two in the morning. His sleep had been restless, so he had gotten up to calm his thoughts. However, it became clear after another hour of wakefulness that sleep would not be coming to him again that night. The emotions within him were too poignant, too acute to be laid to rest. They had to be put onto the page if he ever wanted to be rid of them.

“Strong is your gaze as it holds onto mine
I view in your eyes an intensely bright shine
The shine of knowledge, a truth’s glimmer
Reflected to me like a sunset’s final shimmer

Ours are two souls bonded tight forever
So why can I not be your only lover?
Nemanja has bragged of his conquest of you
Even when his heart has never felt love so true

You are my one, my only, my love,
Your spirit so wild like a released dove
For me there is none other but you, Brianna my dear
My heart aches whenever you draw near

My poems for you burst forth from my heart
All the scholars agree, there is no finer art
Than the written word in the form of prose
Unfurled on the page like a blooming rose

Please read and cherish these thoughtful words I pen
After it is delivered to your waiting hands, and then
We can share a closer, purer kind of intimacy; I find
The pleasure of the body fails to match the pleasure of the mind”

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