Skal Labissiere 19 Points Full Highlights (3/27/2018)

Skal Labissiere hasn’t had many games like this this season. I thought it would all come together for him, after seeing what he did at the end of his rookie year, but it hasn’t. Not to the extent I, and presumably all Kings fans, wanted. He’s been pretty decent for the last month or so, scoring well most games, but where was that at the beginning of the year? Hiding somewhere in Zach Randolph’s blubber, probably.

Labissiere’s problems on offense have been inside the arc, where he’s not been converting at the same elite rate he was before. So now he’s taking threes! I’m not that excited about that anymore, because every bigman is experimenting with extended range nowadays. Which big doesn’t shoot threes? The list is like 5 players long, and Kosta Koufos is one of those players.

Tonight we saw a little glimpse of the old midrange mastery of Labissiere, but it was still only a glimpse. The season is seriously getting close to being over for the Kings, so if he’s going to resurrect that part of his game, he needs to get on it. I didn’t watch this whole Kings season just to see Koufos shoot those floaters of his.

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