Trevor Ariza 21 Points Full Highlights (3/27/2018)

This video description is nominally about Trevor Ariza, who just had one of his better scoring games this season and didn’t seem to miss a beat with James Harden. But what it’s really about is unused Rockets bench player Le’Bryan Nash. More specifically, it’s about WHY LE’BRYAN NASH DIDN’T GET INTO THE GAME WHEN IT WAS A TOTAL BLOWOUT.

Here’s a reminder: the game was a total blowout. The Bulls were getting BTFO. There’s no reason not to put Le’Bryan Nash in the game for five or ten minutes. His name is a combination of LeBron, Kobe, and Steve Nash. At one point he was a five-star high-school recruit. Those two reasons alone should give him enough pedigree to get him in the game even if it’s total garbage time (remember, the Bulls were getting run out of the building with no hope of ever coming back).

I wouldn’t say this is Ariza’s fault, but it kind of is. Because if Ariza was unavailable to play, that would open up a lot of small forward minutes. Le’Bryan Nash is a small forward (I think). Bam, that’s like twenty guaranteed minutes right there.

My fifth grade social studies teacher always told us that we should speak up if we see injustice in the world. Well, I’m seeing injustice RIGHT NOW, and I’m SPEAKING UP about it.

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