Emmanuel Mudiay 22 Points Full Highlights (3/28/2018)

Emmanuel Mudiay isn’t done yet! I thought he would crawl into a corner and die after Trey Burke started over him last game and ended up with 42 and 12. That’s what I would do in that situation, and it’s also what I would do in almost any situation that caused me any stress at all. But Mudiay stayed strong, outscoring Burke in this game off the bench.

He’s probably not worth it to keep around for the Knicks, but I think he’s shown just enough with them to earn some sort of return on a trade. Normally I would suggest a trade for Thon Maker, but I would actually rather have him on the Bucks over Mudiay. One of the few players where that’s the case, I’d say that’s a pretty large indictment.

And if it turns out no one really wants him anymore, there’s always China. He probably still remembers at least a few words and phrases from his college-avoiding stint there, and they’d be hyped to have him back. Plus, he’d likely average 40.

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