Isaiah Taylor 20 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (3/28/2018)

So is Dennis Schröder actually injured or is he being held out because of his part in just totally beating the snot out of a guy in a parking lot along with three other dudes, tearing the dude’s ACL in the process, and then getting arrested and charged with a felony? Either way, the absence of Dennis the Menace (that nickname has never been more accurate than it is right now) means more minutes for Isaiah Taylor. More minutes for Taylor = more stats for Taylor = more Taylor highlight videos = happy DTB.

But am I really happier because of this situation? No. Taylor’s strong play means that he is effectively STEALING minutes from Josh Magette. You might want to argue that Magette doesn’t deserve those minutes because he sucks, but here’s the thing: we don’t KNOW if he sucks or not. He doesn’t get minutes. Since the Hawks don’t want to win any games, there’s no harm in playing Magette forty minutes game just to kick the tires on him.

Here’s the thing: we KNOW that Isaiah Taylor is a legit NBA player now. He’ll probably be in the league next year in one way or another. We don’t know that yet about Magette. If Magette falls out of the league without ever having been given a real chance, I might do something really drastic. Like delete my channel. Or delete all of YouTube. Or delete the whole internet. Don’t underestimate me.

So, Isaiah Taylor, if you’re reading this, please go beat somebody up in a parking lot and get arrested so that you can’t get any more minutes.

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