Jaylen Brown 21 Points/1 Game-Winner Full Highlights (3/28/2018)

In this game, Jaylen “B-Jay” Brown made just as many free throws (6) as field goals (6). Normally that would bother me because I hate free throws and wish that the penalty for fouls was a free point for the fouled team, possession of the ball, and the playing of fart noises over the arena PA system. However, my angst over Brown’s free throws was negated by the fact that he made a legitimate, real-life game-winner.

Unlike many shots billed as “game-winners”, which may take place with as many as ten or fifteen seconds left on the game clock, this one left the Jazz with almost no chance for a tying shot in response. The .3 seconds left after Brown’s heroic shot was just enough for Donovan Mitchell to catch the ball and chuck it. So, it wasn’t the perfect game-winner, which would have drained the entire clock, but it was way better than those fake game-winners that people pretend to get excited about.

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