Mario Hezonja 23 Points Full Highlights (3/28/2018)

Mario Hezonja’s tenure with the Magic is drawing to a close. It’s possible that they resign him in free agency, but how likely do you think that is? As the young people say: “he gone”.

It’s taken Hezonja almost the entirety of his rookie contract to show that he’s not a bust, but he’s finally pulling it off. He has displayed the ability to be a reasonable role-player in the NBA. After his extremely slow start, that was no guarantee. With his numerous good performances as the Magic transitioned from “winning a lot of games” to “not winning anymore” to “tank”, he has secured a decent amount of money this offseason. Some team will think they can squeeze further potential out of him, and you know what? I bet they can.

As long as Nikola Vucevic comes along wherever he goes. Those two dudes have some serious chemistry and I think they need to stick together for their own good.

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