Tobias Harris 27 Points Full Highlights (3/28/2018)

Tobias Harris continues to prove to the world that he can be inserted into absolutely any situation and succeed. It doesn’t matter how good his point guard is, or how good his center is, or what other players the team has at the small forward or power forward positions. You can start him or have him come off the bench. You can use him as the main option or a secondary option. None of it matters. Tobes will go out there and score you efficient points. He won’t win you games all by himself, he’s not quite at that level, but I fully believe that you could put Tobey Bear on any team in the league, from the ultra-stacked Warriors to the ultra-not-stacked Hawks, and he would average at least 16 PPG. I also fully believe that he would have averaged 16 PPG in his rookie season for the Bucks if he had been given the keys to the team right away instead of the friggin’ Ellis/Jennings/Gooden combo (I should not have reopened these wounds).

Unlike some players where I ironically pretend to be the president of their worldwide fan club in order to facilitate humorous video descriptions, I’m completely serious about my devotion to the church of Tobes. There’s nothing ironic about my love for him. Not only is he a stud on the court, but he has perfectly clear skin and a very muscular physique; a stud in every sense of the word.

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