Bojan Bogdanovic 25 Points/0 Rebounds/0 Assists/0 Steals/0 Blocks Full Highlights (3/29/2018)

Fans of slightly obscure NBA statistical happenings will surely remember the time Allan Houston scored 37 back in 2000 without getting any other stats besides turnovers and fouls. It’s one of the defining Allan Houston games, for sure. I’m personally more of a fan of the Michael Redd performance where he dropped 29 without ANYTHING else. No fouls, no turnovers, not even free-throws. Just buckets. Only buckets. I would’ve made the best highlight vid from that game, but I wasn’t around/I don’t have a time-machine in working condition, and I don’t have the footage now. LamarMatic, where are you?

Bojan Bogdanovic, if you can’t tell from the preceding paragraph or the video title, scored 25 and didn’t do anything else. He had a foul, a turnover, and a whole bunch of points. And that’s just the kind of player he is. Not usually to this degree, but he’s not really a guy with a whole lot of statistical impact outside of buckets. Just look at him. Does he look like a stat-stuffer to you?

Sidenote: is the Pacers bench always this unanimated? They were barely reacting to Bogdanovic’s exploits at the start of the vid, and eventually they just give up altogether. Not even any clapping. It’s not like I need players freaking out and holding each other back after a simply jumper. But these dudes, it was like they were watching the halftime show or something.

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