Josh Richardson 22 Points Full Highlights (3/29/2018)

Is it just me, or is Josh Richardson not throwing down nearly the same slamjams he was his rookie year? Before you debate me with claims that his slamjams are of the same quality as previous seasons, remember that I look at EVERY dunk for the dunks-of-the-month videos. I see it all, and I know who dunks hard and who doesn’t dunk hard and who doesn’t dunk at all.

J-Rich is dunking it more than ever this year, but I’m not as hyped about his ability in that area as I used to be. One injury or another seems to have depleted his once-elite athleticism. He’s still good, he’s actually better than ever, it just means that Derrick Jones Jr. has to really step up the dunking so that Heat fans don’t notice that anything is amiss.

In case you are curious and also too lazy to watch this vid: he doesn’t dunk it in this one. If he had, I might have put “/1 Dunk” in the video title.

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