Damion Lee 20 Points Full Highlights (3/30/2018)

Damion “Cacodamion” Lee is already 25 years old, in case you were thinking about getting really hyped about some random rookie dropping 20 in an actual NBA contest against a playoff team. I mean, you’re still allowed to get hyped, but it’s got to be a different kind of hype. The measured kind. The kind that acknowledges “this dude might already be at his ceiling”.

I was trying to think about a good player comp for him, and it wasn’t really working, so I searched on Google (in a private window of course, don’t want Google knowing that DownToBuck can’t think for himself) “Damion Lee comparison” and it came up with a draft site that claimed his NBA comparison was Devyn Marble.

That’s not good.

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that comparison, other than noting that both players are the same height and Marble is a month older. Marble is one of those dudes who I always wanted to do highlights of but he never got over the double-digit threshold. I guess I should be pleased, all things considered, that Lee is doing things that are highlight-worthy on an almost-regular basis.

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