Joe Ingles 17 Points/10 Assists/1 Dunk Full Highlights (3/30/2018)

Joe Ingles is so frickin’ good. I can’t believe it. He’s been balling hard all season, even though he looks like the exact opposite of what an NBA player should look like. I don’t feel like people are noticing enough how good he is. He was, for lack of a better term, maybe a bit of a “meme” (please never make me use that word again) player in his first few seasons, but he is legit as heck right now.

Just saying, if the Cavaliers had Ingles right now, for one it would be like having two LeBrons on the court all the time except one of them is Australian and has a slightly better hairline, and for two, they’d be winning the East right now. I have no idea if I’m exaggerating or not, but I’m really feeling the hype for Jinglin’ Joe right now and anything feels possible.

He now has multiple games this season with double-digit assists. As if he needed any other statistical feats to put on his resume.

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