Jusuf Nurkic 21 Points/4 Blocks/4 Dunks Full Highlights (3/30/2018)

Everybody hypes up these Bosniak vs. Serb/Croat vs. Serb/Any Balkan dude vs. another Balkan dude battles but I didn’t see anybody getting hyped for the Jusuf “Nurk Jowitzki” Nurkic vs. Boban Marjanovic battle that went down last night. Maybe I need to spend some more time on those weird forums and news sites where the domain names don’t end in .com and everybody’s typing words in a language I don’t understand. Perhaps in those dark corners of the internet, there were people getting hyped for this battle.

It would have been a good battle to get hyped for because Nurkic and Marjanovic are two of the most physically imposing dudes in the NBA. In fact, Marjanovic is the only player who could get into a bare-fisted fight with Nurkic and win. I think Marjanovic’s fist is the size of Nurkic’s entire head if not larger. Nurkic would get a few good punches in and maybe even daze Marjanovic a bit, but Marjanovic would have to land just one good haymaker and it would be nighty-night for Nurk.

That’s all irrelevant because the two of them didn’t even fight (missed opportunity), and Marjanovic didn’t even play that much (my opinion on this situation is well-known). Nurkic stuffed the stat sheet, got a scrub by five (two of every stat), and only missed like four shots where he just flung the ball at the rim while stumbling around all out of control.

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