MarShon Brooks 24 Points Full Highlights (3/30/2018)

He did it again. MarShon “Mar$wag” “Microwave 2.0” (second nickname brought to you by the hilariously out-of-touch Grizzlies play-by-play guy) Brooks proved his 21-point post-China debut with the Grizzlies was no fluke, scoring 24 on an impressive array of swaggy shots.

By the way, if you were among those who thought his first game was a fluke, you are really dumb, for real. I’m calling you out right now for being stupid as heck. Anyone who knows anything about Brooks knows that he is a bucket-acquirer, first and foremost. There should be no doubts about his scoring ability.

Is it too late for him to win the MIP award? I don’t know if he’s actually improved that much over his previous stint in the league, more like he’s getting free reign right now and taking advantage, but it would be a nice story for a fresh-out-of-China player to get some hardware. Maybe solidify China as an alternate path to the NBA? Jimmer Fredette is on that path right now, and I’m thinking that the Bucks should trade Thon Maker for him. Inter-league trades are totally legal according to the CBA. No need to fact-check me on this one.

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