Tyler Ulis 16 Points/12 Assists Full Highlights (3/30/2018)

Based on the quality of looks that Tyler Ulis was getting in this game, I would have expected him to score two or maybe four points total. It seemed like every shot he made (which was only five of them, out of fifteen attempts) was made under extreme duress or from a range he isn’t comfortable with. Part of the difficulty certainly has to do with his height (what can I say, he’s a manlet), but it also has to do with what kind of shots he wants to take. And, from what I’ve noticed the past few games, he has no problem taking difficult shots.

Remember the end of last season when it looked like Tyler Ulis had taken hold of the starting point guard job that had been held down by Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight? Now Eric Bledsoe is long gone (just say the magic words “I don’t wanna be here”) and Brandon Knight, well, he might as well be gone, but the starting point guard job was still up for grabs for most of this season because of how garbage Ulis was. Even after forcing out Mike James by way of a firearm nicknamed “Gilbert Arenas” which Ulis kept (and still keeps) in his locker, Ulis couldn’t grab opportunity by the scrotum like he should have been able to.

Now opportunity’s scrotum is firmly in the grip of Ulis’ midget hands, and he’s yanking and twisting with all his might. That’s what you have to do with opportunity when it comes your way. Grab it by the testes and then try to pull them off.

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