Bogdan Bogdanovic 22 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2018)

For some reason, after Bogdan Bogdanovic and Justin Jackson both missed three-pointers to tie the game (not shown), and time expired, the Kings players were all smiles. Iman Shumpert was positively beaming. This is the modern NBA, friends: players maybe not playing to lose, but not unhappy when the losing happens. I am so disgusted that I think I will rewatch Malice at the Palace. At least those dudes had the fighting spirit (literally).

Bogdanovic, for his part, at least tried to look disappointed. He got a wide open look, if a little on the deep side, and it just didn’t go in. A shot he can easily make, but not every shot goes in every time. I’m sure the disappointed look didn’t last long with the appearance of Vince Carter approaching him with a big-ass smile on his face, though. How can you not smile with him? Season’s almost over, there’s no more pressure, and everyone’s having a good time.

That might be what basketball’s all about. The “good time” thing. Maybe not.

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