Clint Capela 21 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2018)

The Rockets are going to win the championship, aren’t they? I’m sitting here munching on a Pop-Tart, and I’m watching Capela-Harden/Paul pick-and-rolls, and my hope for a non-Houston chip gets lower and lower.

Clint Capela doesn’t get talked about enough as the third part of their “big three”. That’s because he’s super limited in what he can do offensively, but he does the most important thing, which is dunking. Chris Paul can’t dunk, James Harden can barely dunk, he provides that critical skill to the mix. If the Rockets had a not-dunky big like, say, Greg Monroe, as their starter, how many games would they have won this year? Maybe 40.

Even when Capela isn’t dunking it all the time, the mere threat of him dunking it all the time is enough to open things up for his teammates. I think. Like the Curry effect but inside-out. That kind of impact is immeasurable.

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