Danuel House 14 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (4/3/2018)

I will always remember Danuel “House Party” House for two things.

The first thing is that his name is spelled funny. “House” is spelled roughly how you would expect, but “Danuel”? I pronounce it Dan-Yoo-Ell in my head. If I was him I’d legally change it to “Daniel” just so people like me don’t pronounce it in dumb ways.

The second thing is his extremely underwhelming rookie season. In case you don’t remember that he was even in the league last year, here’s a refresher course on House’s career: he played fifty seconds in one game for the Wizards. In that time, he grabbed a rebound, but nobody wants a rebounding guard, so he really didn’t draw any attention league-wide.

House is doing a lot better in Phoenix, partially because there’s nobody else available to play, but also partially because he’s legitimately doing okay out there. His ceiling is probably David Nwaba 1.2, but that’s cool. After his rookie season I thought his ceiling was N/A.

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