Donovan Mitchell 26 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2018)

I haven’t abandoned Donovan Mitchell yet! Unlike Ben Simmons (who is definitely way too good [or gets too many stats anyway] for my channel so I just sorta stopped making vids for him), if Mitchell has a good enough game, I can still dredge up a vid from the murky swamp of my willingness. Mitchell has been scoring in the low-twenties the last couple of games, which is good if you’re a Jazz commentator who has an odd fixation with the number of twenty-point games he’s having, but not quite good enough for me. 26, though, is totally legit. A legit amount of points, even it is only a few above his season average.

ALERT: we have a rookie scoring 20 per game and he’s not even going to win Rookie of the Year. Is that messed up or what? Just because Simmons is putting up better overall stats with a better impact on a better team doesn’t mean that he should be given the award. PPGs are what’s important here. It’s not called “assist-ball” or “advanced-stats-ball”. It’s called “basketball”, the point of the game is baskets, and that’s the truism that Mitchell lives by. Are we punishing him for that now? Is that what we’re doing?

I’m sick. I’m going to throw up.

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