Jamel Artis 16 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2018)

Look at the thumbnail. That is what Jamel “Best Artis Since Gilmore” Artis looks like. I know, right? I imagined him way different. I think the Artis Gilmore connection had me thinking “fro the size of a hot-air balloon”. Oh well. Things have been cleared up for me, and I now have a clear picture of him to place next to his entry in my mental database of NBA scrubs past and present.

This was a great game for Artis. GreatEST game, actually, over doubling his previous best scoring output. And not only did he get buckets in a more intense manner than ever before, but he led his team to a win while doing it. Him and Hezonja, the new face of the Magic, as long as the Magic get to play the Knicks every single game.

With this video, I have now done a highlights package for every member of the Magic this year except for Arron Afflalo. That guy really sucks, and I don’t foresee his suckage ending any time soon, but if he could maybe score 15 before the season (mercifully, for Orlando fans) comes to an end, that would be sweet. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a whole team before.

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