John Collins 19 Points/3 Threes Full Highlights (4/3/2018)

I wish my mom would give me encouragement in my endeavors. Seeing John Collins’ mother cheering her son on arose within me some weird (no, not in that way you perv) emotions. Sadness. Confusion. Regret. The only thing she knows about my internet activities is that I tried to be an Instagram model for a bit, and she wasn’t super encouraging about that.

Also I think she saw the edge of my pink starfish in one of my pics.

She definitely doesn’t know about the highlight empire I’m running, and even if she did, she’d wonder why I’m wasting my time making videos of marginal NBA players when I could be showcasing LeBron and Durant. Uh, excuse me, those dudes are lame. I am creating TRUE ART of UNHERALDED ROLE PLAYERS.

Like Collins here. He’s great, because he dunks it a lot, but in this game, he expanded his game. No dunks. One dunk attempt that turned into a semi-thrunk. A whole bunch of three-pointers. If he can hit those consistently after not shooting any in college, well, he’s basically the perfect modern bigman isn’t he?

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