Kyle Kuzma 26 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2018)

Kyle Kuzma has delivered after his impressive Summer League (which seems so long ago, now). I didn’t think he would, really. No one ever does, I’ve been burned by Josh Selby and the like so many times that I’m beginning to think it’s better to suck in Summer League.

I’m pretty much ready for this season to be over so Summer League can start again, actually. Who cares about the playoffs? Not me. The playoffs are for good players to show how good they are, which is lame. I already know those players are good, and if it’s a rare case where a non-good player plays good, I probably already knew they were capable of it. LAME. Summer League, I get to watch sub-NBA scrubs flail around on the court and foul 10 times, and sometimes they even score points. Doesn’t that just sound way better? If only there was a whole domestic league of sub-NBA talent that I could watch.

A man can dream. At least I still have the ability to get semi-excited for Kuzma scoring 26; if the month were a month longer, by the end of it I’d be comatose except for when Alex Caruso scored 50.

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