Sean Kilpatrick 21 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2018)

Sean Kilpatrick has come a long way since being that dude the Timberwolves called up from the D-League because he was in close proximity to the away game they were playing that day. He didn’t show much that day (though he did show 13 points worth of stuff two games later), but now he’s hitting clutch shots for one of the… …teams in the NBA.

It’s easy to forget that he was actually a decent-ish scorer for the Nets that one season, considering how much he’s been shuffled around since then. He’s on his fourth team this season, having already visited Brooklyn, Milwaukee, and LA, but I can’t figure out if there’s time for him to get a fifth in there. The Bulls signed him to a three-year deal (before you panic, I’m sure there are some team options for the final two years), but could they still waive him? Then the Timberwolves could pick him up right in time for the playoffs.

The return!!!!!

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