Tobias Harris 31 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2018)

The following is a list of players/coaches that Tobias Harris completely dominated/embarrassed last night:

-Lafartus Fartridge
-Manu GinOLDbili
-Gregg Poopobitch
-Kawhine Leonard (he knew that Tobes would own him so he didn’t even show up to the game)
-Kyloser Anderslow
-Fatty Mills
-Pau Gasold

With this win, the Clippers probably keep their playoff chances alive, although I’m not motivated enough to go find out what actually needs to happen for them to make it, or if they in fact are already out of it and are just winning games for fun now. That’s for people who care more about the Clippers than I do. When it comes to Clippers players I only care about Tobes and Boban.

No matter what happens, Tobes and Boban can have dance parties in the off-season while all the playoff teams still have do lame stuff like go to practice and play in playoff games.

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