Will Barton 26 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2018)

At points this season, Will Barton has been a convenient scapegoat whenever the Nuggets lost, which was more often than maybe they should have given their talent level. Never mind that Paul Millsap is the real scapegoat here (for ruining team chemistry) or that many other players had fixable defiencies that led to losses (Jokic being too passive, Chandler being too passive, Harris being too much of a god damn beast). Barton was maligned for his chuckerish tendencies and sometimes single-minded scoring mentality.

I mean, what’s Barton gonna do if he’s not scoring? He’s a scorer. He scores and right now he’s having the best scoring season of his career, which means this is peak Barton. As long as he’s attacking the rim and not chucking jumpers even when he’s ice-cold, there should be no reason to treat him as one of the Nuggets’ main problems. Did Nuggets fans like Corey Brewer even a little bit? If so, they should love Barton because Barton is like Corey Brewer 5.0.

Again, Paul Millsap is probably definitely the main problem here. Not Barton. Barton’s not perfect but I’ve already stated my case for why he’s not the problem. Paul Millsap is the problem. Paul Millsap ruined team chemistry right when the Nuggets needed team chemistry the most. It was all Paul Millsap’s fault.

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