Channing Frye 19 Points Full Highlights (4/4/2018)

I love how Channing Frye can just arrive at a new team and instantly make “better” players obsolete. First he did it in Cleveland by competently standing in for Kevin Love, making fans across the world realize that Frye actually fit better into the Cavs system because he didn’t need the ball all the time and was a more reliable three-point shooter. Now he’s arrived in Los Angeles and made Randle into an afterthought without even really trying.

Sure, Randle might give you passing, rebounding, and efficient scoring out of the power forward position, but Frye gives you stretchy shooting and he totally looks like Obama. Randle’s not an easy player to displace, but Frye totally did it, or he would do it if he got all the minutes he deserved. If Randle ends up with a smaller contract than he expects in free agency, it’s because of how Frye neatly slotted into the Lakers’ power forward spot and proved Randle’s lack of worth.

I can hardly wait until Frye goes to another team next season and again proves how all the power forwards already on the roster are worthless compared to a surprisingly effective, handsomely presdiential 35-year-old.

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