Dejounte Murray 23 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (4/4/2018)

I thought this game would be a career-high for Dejounte Murray, since he’s not exactly what you’d call a high-profile scorer, but it turns out that I totally forgot about that time his rookie year when he randomly scored 24 points. That game was way more anomalous than this one. Murray played eight minutes a game his rookie season. Him scoring 24 was like Curry scoring 100. Here, Murray scoring 23 is like Curry scoring 40; it’s a cool and nice accomplishment, but it’s not totally mind-blowing, and you sort of expect it to happen occasionally.

Unfortunately, this video is totally ruined by the large amount of free throws that occur within its cinematographic walls. 23 points on 12 shots is, again, a nice accomplishment, but this amount of free throws just makes me want to delete the video file and spare my subscribership the pain of watching Murray make countless trips to the welfare stripe.

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