Ivan Rabb 16 Points Full Highlights (4/4/2018)

If I were a chick, which I’m not, but if I were, I would be totally going nuts for Ivan Rabb right now. Look at that thumbnail. It just screams “hug me and be a stand-in mother for me please”, and when you combine that with his giant 6-10 frame and his ripply muscles, it would just be too much. Give him some Accutane and he’d be perfect.

But I’m a dude, so what I care about most right now is that he scored 16 points in a regular-season NBA game against a regular-season NBA defense. I don’t care that he has the most perfect pouty face with big sad eyes. I care that he can hit turnaround jumpers against able defenders.

I’m actually getting some serious Skal Labissiere vibes from him right now. Is anyone else? The same kind of weird jumper, the same skinniness combined with athleticism, the same getting held down by incompetent coaches who don’t even want to develop their young talent.

I also see some Giannis in there but that might just be me.

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