Johnathan Motley 14 Points Full Highlights (4/4/2018)

The Mavericks didn’t even try tonight. Facing the Magic, they knew they had to pull out all the stops to get the loss. Among the stops pulled out:

-Johnathan Motley playing 41 minutes
-Aaron Harrison playing 41 minutes
-Kyle Collinsworth playing 35 minutes
-Only vet J.J. Barea getting injured 10 minutes in and is out for the season
-Jalen Jones playing 27 minutes

Just an amazing tanking job by Dallas, and they needed it, because they only ended up losing by five. All those dudes are probably gonna get a highlight vid except Barea, and I guess Motley too because his highlight vid is already here. AND IT’S SICK.

He’s like Nerlens Noel except without the weed.

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