Justise Winslow 18 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (4/4/2018)

I’m really digging Justise Winslow’s high-arcing one-foot-way-forward shooting form this year. He decided that whatever he was doing wasn’t working, so something something lining up the guide hand or whatever. His free-throws still aren’t very good, and I’m skeptical that his three-point shooting is for real, but until he regresses severely next year, I’ll call his changes a success. In any case, it looks cool as heck.

This game represents the most points that Winslow has scored in a game this season. Also the most assists. If I had a realized that pair of facts, I wouldn’t have waited so long to make this vid, and I definitely wouldn’t have made the McGruder vid before it. That’s my bad. I wasn’t paying attention hard enough, or rather, my attention was diverted to the insane collection of scrubs the Mavericks trotted out as their starting lineup.

The Heat have no such luxury. They’re a playoff team now, and there’s some weak points in the top of the East that could possibly be exploited to get into the second round. Teams will surely be jockeying for position in order to face Boston now that Irving is out for the season, and it would be cool to see a LeBron-less Heat team make some noise against Cleveland or something.

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