Kyle Kuzma 30 Points Full Highlights (4/4/2018)

Kyle Kuzma has some pretty hook shots. A lot of players only shoot running hook shots when their drives to the basket are disrupted and they’ve ended up somewhere where they didn’t expect, but with Kuzma it feels like part of a plan when he shoots those things. I don’t know if I’m just romanticizing his hook shots because he made a few of them in this video (the playlist of Disney songs that I’m currently listening to has made me all sappy), but it just goes to show that Kuzma has a remarkably polished offensive arsenal for a rookie.

Insert (ageist) comments here about him being a four year college player.

There’s no ROTY of the year trophy waiting for him this season, but his reward might even be better than some lame trophy: playing in one of the NBA’s largest media markets and being surrounded by hot California women and being at least of average, if not above-average, physical attractiveness so he can leverage his NBA stardom into success with those same hot women. And he gets to be the next Kobe sort of, except he doesn’t play Kobe’s position, but that’s okay because KCP is definitely not the next Kobe.

New nickname I just came up with: Kuzbe.

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