Marco Belinelli 19 Points Full Highlights (4/4/2018)

Marco Belinelli again shows us that he doesn’t care about shot selection at all. He’s been playing this way since he left the Spurs, and maybe he played that way at his other stops prior to San Antonio (my memory is fuzzy and the videos I could reference to remind myself have all been deleted from YouTube), so I’ve come to the conclusion that this is who Belinelli will be for the rest of his career. In all honesty, he has good reasons for adopting this play style:

-Shooting is fun
-Making tough shots is more impressive than making easy shots
-Why practice shooting if you’re not even gonna shoot in game situations?
-You’re more likely to score more points if you just take the shots that are available, even if they’re tough shots
-It’s cooler to score more on worse efficiency than less on better efficiency, unless you’re a wimp
-There aren’t enough Euro chuckers (insert latently racist comment about how players brought up through the Euroleague play “the right way”)

There you have it. Not only does Belinelli not care about shot selection even a little bit, but he has an entire long list of reasons of why he shouldn’t care. And if he doesn’t care, then I don’t care either.

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