D’Angelo Russell 22 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (4/5/2018)

I’m still trying to figure out if D’Angelo Russell is good or not. To help myself out, I made a pros and cons list, which will now be shown here without commentary or edits.

-Appeared in that famous gif where he says “he ain’t even stretch doe”, but didn’t let fame get to his head and became a pro basketball player
-Once scored 40 in a game
-Hair doodles
-Has ice in his veins
-Probably goes to Children’s hospitals like a good NBAer
-Drafted second overall; that has to mean something
-Has a tattoo that says “NOW” in a digital-clock typeface

-Has a tattoo that says “NOW” in a digital-clock typeface
-Kobe didn’t like him
-Been on bad teams his whole career
-Let Spencer Dinwiddie, a player with much less of a pedigree, take his minutes

That’s 7 pros, and 7 cons. How the heck am I supposed to decide if he’s good or not if his good qualities match up exactly with his bad qualities? I need Zach Lowe to tell me the correct opinion on this one. It’s the only way.

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