Devin Harris 20 Points Full Highlights (4/5/2018)

Devin Harris is currently averaging the same PPG for Denver (8.5) that he did for Dallas, and his shooting percentages aren’t that different either. Basically, he’s the same player now as he was then, like the total change in rosters didn’t effect him a bit. That’s how you know he’s a true SAVVY vet and not a fake SAVVY vet; he goes to a new team with entirely different players and just keeps doing the exact same things in the exact same way.

I was a little bit disappointed when Harris got traded, honestly. I thought he would be a Mav 4 Lyf. He started his career there and he deserved to finish it there. The funny thing is, the Mavs probably thought they were doing him a favor by trading him to a playoff team so he could use his veteran wisdom to help the young Nuggets in their first-roudnd series. It’s funny because the playoffs are absolutely not guaranteed for the Nuggets right now. And if they miss, the whole trade was pointless, at least from a Devin Harris perspective (the Mavs got McDermott and his Bird rights).

Luckily, Harris is a free agent this off-season and can sign with any team he wants, which of course should be the Mavericks and not the Nuggets or the Nets or the Hawks.

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