Joe Harris 17 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (4/5/2018)

Quick Quiz: how paid is Joe Harris gonna get this off-season?

A.) Hella paid
B.) Moderately paid
C.) Paid
D.) Not paid

I personally think the answer is somewhere between B and C. Obviously he’s not worth a max contract or anything close to the max (although he is better than Ian Mahinmi…how do I do that thinking emoji?). But he’s a skilled shooter who also has skills outside of shooting, and he’s entering his prime at age 26, so there’s about thirty teams in the league who could use him on their roster.

Quick Quiz Question 2: how attractive is Joe Harris?

A.) Among the most attractive players in the NBA; more attractive than Chandler Parsons in his attractive prime
B.) Handsome; most chicks would agree that he is attractive, even if he were not muscular
C.) Average; looks to be on the “plain-looking white guy” trajectory; uninteresting haircut works against him
D.) Ugly; heavy brow makes him look like a cro-magnon

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