Jeff Green 33 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2018)

Jeff Green played more minutes in this game than LeBron James. I have no further insight, just putting it out there in case someone way smarter than me can figure out if that means anything.

Here’s another fact for you fact-obsessed factheads out there: Jeff Green is clutch as heck, while LeBron James is a huge choker who also probably watches anime. Really shifts your whole perspective, doesn’t it? Almost like, who is really the superstar here?

If this video doesn’t seem long enough to you, because of course a video of Green scoring 33 points should be like five minutes long, don’t forget that he, for once, actually hit a bunch of threes. He’s been a good scorer inside the paint this season, well, decent at least, but he’s been putrid from beyond the arc. It’s not really a aurprise with him, since he’s never been good, but when you play with LeBron, you need to make your threes.

Yes, I just regurgitated that tired “LeBron needs shooters” line. I ran out of original thoughts about 2.5 years ago, haven’t you noticed?

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