Jordan Crawford 13 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2018)

I’m a little bit confused right now. When did the Pelicans sign Jordan Crawford? He was on the team at the beginning of the season and played two games for them before getting cut. Or was he just injured all this time and they never cut him at all?

This is one of those times where my motivation to provide unflagging journalistic excellence has actually superseded my uncomprising laziness, so I looked it up, and it turns out that the Pelicans picked up Crawford right after Larry Drew II’s contract came to an end. So, Crawford started the season for the Pelicans, and he’ll probably finish it up for them too. The Pelicans faithful will remember how Crawford came in at the end of last season and absolutely lit everything up, scoring 14 PPG in only 23 minutes off the bench. Those same faithful should be hoping for Crawford to replicate that success as the playoffs draw near, because if he doesn’t replicate that success, he’ll still be chucking the same shots, and the shots Crawford takes get annoying really quick if they’re not going in.

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