Khem Birch 12 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2018)

Khem “The Alkhemist” Birch worked his alkhemy to the tune of twelve points, and, um, not much else. He did get four rebounds and two assists. I don’t know if that counts as “alkhemy” or not. It probably doesn’t. Somebody as tall as he is should really be getting more than four rebounds in 27 minutes. Nikola Vucevic probably had that many just sitting on the bench in a suit. Was Vucevic even there on the bench? Doesn’t matter. He probably grabbed four rebounds from his hospital bed while encased in a full-body cast.

This Birch dude was supposed to be good coming out of high school and, now that he’s getting his chance, I’d say he doesn’t look too bad. He’s spent the last few years playing for various European teams and it remains to be seen if he’ll spend the rest of his career after this season doing the same. The market for a Kenneth Faried lite with less muscle is not a strong one.

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