Luke Kornet 17 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2018)

It’s a shame that Luke Kornet sorta sucks, because he really has the look of a good NBA player. His actual ability to play NBA-level basketball on a nightly basis isn’t there, but his ability to look like he can play NBA-level basketball on a nightly basis is abundant. I think I’m just really eager for someone who looks like Porzingis to play for the Knicks and make me forget the pain.

Kornet ticks all the boxes:

White? ☑
Tall? ☑
Threes? ☑

He ticks those boxes so solidly that I’m not even going to add a joky fourth box that makes fun of him in some way. I really want to, because he’s a very make-fun-able player, but with these 17 points he’s earned my respect for at least the next 6 hours.

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