Marquese Chriss 23 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2018)

Everybody is always talking about how Marquese “Sea-Cheese” Marquese has attitude problems. He gets frustrated easily, wears his emotions on his sleeve, and the fact that he’s constantly getting into foul trouble doesn’t help either. But can you even blame him for having a bad attitude? He plays for the Suns. Here’s a list of things going on with the Suns that would give me attitude problems, and if they give ME attitude problems, you know they’ll give Chriss attitude problems, because I’m a pretty chill dude most of the time:

-The Suns are losing a lot of games and are uncompetitive in many of them.
-Many of Chriss’ teammates are total scrublords.
-What is a Talking Stick, and why is there a resort named after it?
-Little-known-fact: whenever the Suns announcer has to do his “proud to own the three point zone” Fulton Homes spiel, it’s pitch-shifted up three octives and broadcast at ear-splittingly high volume to the whole arena. That’s gotta be annoying.
-The concessions people don’t even give out free concessions to the players, even though the stupid concessions people wouldn’t even be employed if it wasn’t for players like Chriss. They should be more grateful.
-Brandon Knight regularly shows up to the locker room wearing suits made entirely out of 100-dollar bills.
-Jay Triano is a real coach, which is less fun than having a fake coach like Earl Watson.
-Two words: Alec Peters.

In conclusion, if I had to play for the Suns, I would be a locker room cancer and do everything I could do distrupt team chemistry.

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