Nikola Mirotic 31 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2018)

Someone needs to explain to Nikola Mirotic the concept of a “playoff beard”, because whatever idea he has about it, however he thinks it works, it’s wrong.

Can’t argue with the results, though. Two games without the beard equals two games of 25 and 31 points equals two Pelicans victories. If he thinks “playoff beard” means “If I shave it off we will make the playoffs”, all power to him, because it’s working.

The only problem is it seemed to really confuse onetime Laker-commentator Joel Meyers, who called him “Radmanovic” multiple times. Apparently the source of the confusion was that he compared the two Euro stretch-bigs, which is good, because I don’t want Meyers to be losing his mind yet. He might have gotten to commentate a lot of successful Lakers teams, but we need to get him a Pelicans championship also.

Which won’t be this year, unless Mirotic keeps this up until he’s done sweeping the 76ers.

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